Bude canal line to widemouth and return via coastal path

Well after a very stormy night we woke to a collapsed awning and lumps of ice balls on the ground. The storm had passed but it was still very windy and the forecast was for more of the same. We were desperate to do the coastal walk but were not sure because of the weather. We had a late breakfast and pondered shall we or not ?

We had lunch and then we looked out the windows of Mable and saw some cracks appearing in the clouds. We pondered a bit more and then we decided what the heck lets go for it. The bus from Poughill, which is within a 10 min walk of the campsite , was leaving at 1402 so we then had a mad rush to get the rucksack packed and get all our walking gear ready .

Well we made it to the bus stop in time and caught the bus into Bude to start our walk. As we got to the start point near the canal the heavens opened but we managed to dive under some trees.

The first part of the walk followed the Bude canal and as we walked along it we looked at the darkening sky’s and at one point we were going to turn back . We are so glad that we decided to continue. Raincoats on , raincoats off , however by the time we got to the point where we turned off and headed towards the coast we were in t shirts and our old friend the sun was out again .

As we walked along the canal we commented that it was so strange to be on a canal tow path knowing that the coast was literally a stone throw away. The water in the canal was still and no sign of any boats as the local signs indicated there was a leak in the canal system.

We continued across farmers fields on the footpath until we reached the point where the coast came into view and it was breathtaking. It was still very windy and the sea was very angry, how so different from the stillness of the canal . The sun was out and the spray from the sea appeared like a mist across the bay .

We walked down onto the sands at Widemouth Bay and watched the surfers and one kite surfer who was moving like the clappers, wow we were impressed.

We then spied a pub with a balcony overlooking the bay and decided we deserved a well earned break .

As we sat sipping our drinks and watching the world go by we also looked at the darkening sky’s . We thought “oh no” we are going to get drowned as we start the coastal path leg back towards Bude.

Well what can we say , it was dark sky’s out at sea and as we set off they seemed to skirt around us and apart from a little drizzle for a few minutes we survived any further rain, what a result. The wind was still intense as we battled along the coastal path . It was one foot forwards , one sidewards, luckily not towards the cliff edge as the wind was sea to shore.

We were rewarded with fabulous views and especially with the wind whipping up the sea , we love these coastal paths, what incredible scenery we have around our coastlines.

We have a companion, who travels with us, in our rucksack, called Stickman. He goes on all our long walks and he often likes his photo taken. You will see Stickman throughout our travels.

We continued for several miles back towards Bude and eventually the harbour came into view. We then sat above the harbour and watched the waves breaking over the breakwater . How mesmerising the sea is and it never fails to impress us with it’s power.

We walked down back into Bude as the heavens finally gave way but we didn’t care as we had completed our walk and what an adventure it was.

And to cap it all off we were rewarded with a beautiful sunset

part 2 coming up xx🐧xx