Up early today to make the most of it and boy did we pack a lot in. After a spot of shopping and stocking up the fridge, cupboards and of course my chocolate supply, we headed to Bideford taking in Clovelly on the way.

Clovelly is a privately owned village set on a very steep, cobbled path. There are no vehicles allowed and the only way they can transport things around is by sledge and every household has one.

In the past donkeys were used and they still have a number of them today. Just as we got there they were moving the donkeys and they passed the path right in front of us . They were lovely. I love donkeys now. As we walked to the craft shops they passed us again. Cheeky little characters.

Clovelly has a very steep cobbled path leading down to the harbour. On our way down we meandered up many side streets to see beautiful old cottages, a sea mans cottage, cafes, shops and and historical features.

It was very strange seeing the locals just sitting on their very small balconies watching us watching them.

Eventually we got to the harbour where we had a well deserved break. Another pub another gin.

After our refreshments we carried on to the harbour wall and took a stroll along it. It’s amazing how it is still a working harbour today and looking back at the village you can see why it stayed a secret for so long.

Making our way across the beach to the water fall we wandered if ther would be anything there but we were pleasantly surprised and there was a trickle. Climbing under it we had a couple of snaps and a cool down from the droplets running from the rocks.

We made our way back up the cobbles, puffing and panting as we went, stopping half way up for a rest and to buy a pastie which we ate at the top.

This is a lovely place to visit and well worth the cost to get in! Which was only £7.50 which includes your parking, entrance to all areas and even a visit to some gardens which belong to the village down the road. We decided to miss out the gardens and get to our next site….. Seebreeze.

Well I asked for a quiet site didn’t I and I certainly got one here………. It was just a field!! No showers, no toilets and no shops but on the plus side it was very quiet and spacious and we did have electricity, running water, grey water facilities and bins. Our neighbours were donkeys, horses and sheep which we occasionally heard bray, neigh and bah. It was heaven and with our own toilet and shower in Mable who could ask for more.

We got set up and Dave cooked our roast chicken on the cobb.

We sunbathed and oh the smell was tantalising, our mouths were watering.

Eventually it was ready and we tucked in, yum, yum.

And still we did more….. after tea we went to explore the Northern Burrows Country Park. It was literally out of the camp site and down the next road……..so close. A vast open space with grass, sheep, sea, large rocks and the coastal path runs through it. We walked along the road to the coastal path and found a beach. Great place for a picnic.

The sunset was amazing and we sat and watched for a while.

We tried to get a good shot of the waves hitting the rocks but we kept missing it so Dave went closer to get a better shot.

He stooped down ready…….

I could see a large wave coming but I didn’t think it would get him 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 honest🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣but I was wrong and over the top of him it came🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣he was soaked……and so was the camera!!!! After my hilarious laughing subsided I did show my concern and ask if he was ok and if he had broken the camera……. Which he had!!!!!

We walked back to Mable as quick as we could because he was dithering as the sun had gone in and the wind was blowing. We didn’t realise how far we had walked.

On getting back to Mable we warmed him up and then tried to book tickets on the ferry HMS Oldenburg to Lundy island but they had just sold the last tickets 🙁☹️so we went on stand by. We will be waiting for a phone call. Xx🐧xx