Straining our eyes open at 6.30 am to start our day was an effort. A Quick coffee and a short walk up to the bus stop and our long day began.

The bus arrived in Bideford at 8am and we waited for the ticket office to open. The boat that took us to Lundy, the Oldenburg, was stocking up with supplies for the island.

Once all the 229 passengers were on board, we set sail. The weather was cloudy and the sea was very choppy. The boat was pitching and rolling, a few passengers were sick!! We had a bacon butty and a cup of coffee, both extremely good. Then we were treated to a pod of dolphins chasing the boat. How lucky were we!!

The crossing took 2 hours and I think we were all glad to get off due to us being a bit chilly and slightly damp from the spray. The crew were amazing and got us to Lundy safely. On entering the jetty we were delighted to see a few seals coming to say hello. A sea mist hung like a shroud over the whole island and gave it a rather eerie feel.

A steep climb faced us, the only way from the jetty to the island pathways. We decided to head to the west of the island first, being the most rugged side, and so glad we did. The views were breathtaking.

Our first stop was the castle. We were able to walk all round it. You can actually stay here for a holiday but there is a 3 year wait!!

The next building for us to explore was the old lighthouse, 139 steps!! We were so hot when we got to the top that I had to replace my trousers with my shorts…. that was a first …. getting changed in a lighthouse!! The view was disappointing because of the mist.

The rest of the west side was a mixture of cliffs, rocks, seagulls, goats and spectacular views. Our plan was to walk around the whole island, being 3 miles long half a mile wide, we kept a check on the time and we hit the Half way wall with plenty of time to spare and then at three quarter wall our timing was even better. We felt confident we would make it.

Jenny Cove was the Cove recommended for spotting puffins, we were hopeful of spotting these elusive birds but it would appear we had just missed them but we did see where they had been nesting. Not to worry though because we saw lots of puffins…… stuffed ones in the shop. How could we resist, Mable now has a nesting puffin on her shelf.

On reaching the tip of the island, the North West Point, we walked down over 100 steps to another lighthouse. We were able to walk around the whole lighthouse and saw more seals playing amongst the rocks.

After a short picnic, we were off again down the east side. This side wasn’t as spectacular. It had its moments but more bracken and grass with rocky outcrops but the weather had improved.

Dave managed to find another family of seals amongst some rocks, whilst balancing on rocks himself!!

On returning to the pub and shop we purchased some postcards and Lundy stamps, which can only be used if posted from Lundy, A postcard is on its way Dad and Paul.

Our return journey was in the sunshine and a much more pleasurable experience. Dave got a few sunset shots whilst on board.

We were back early, so we rang the taxi firm and he came early to get us. We had such a memorable day one that will stay in our hearts for a very long time. Xx🐧xx