Up early and on our way as most of the jobs had been done last night. Shopping was a priority as I had ran out of chocolate AGAIN! There was a Morrisons just outside Appledore so we put Sally on and followed her instructions. On reaching Appledore we realised Morrisons was just outside Bideford, so after going in a complete circle we headed off to Bideford. Morrisons was found and we walked in thinking how dark it looked. This lady came over and told us they were shut until 10am as it was Sunday……….. Sunday, how did that happen!!! Days merge into 1 when you have been away for a while.

Our plan was to head into Instow which is the other side of the river to Appledore. It was very quaint and they had a regatta on so it was quite busy.

We had an avacado, egg and smoked sandwich for breaky at a new place called The Boathouse, very yummy.

Croyde was our next stop but , OMG….. Sunday struck again, there was a 2 mile traffic jam into Croyde and cars coming past us told us that the car parks were full so we turned around and went to the local Tesco.

Shopping all sorted, we headed off to our next site at Damaged Barton. Do not follow the sat nav instructions, she wanted to send us down a small road. We checked on the map and found another way.

This site was just us. Bigger again but large pitches. It had a shop and lovely shower block with all the amenities, and a view to die for. There was no bar which made it quieter. Our pitch was on the end so we had grass all around us to use. Setting up in record time, we had a drink and then sorted the washing and showers out. Ohhhh it was so nice to wash my hair, Mable’s shower is ok but I can’t wash my hair in it. They were very clean and enormous, the shower head had the option of a larger overhead shower head as well as the normal one, which was different.There was only 1 washing machine and 1tumble drier, which seems a bit mean for the amount of campers. It cost £4 to wash and £2 to tumble. I have clean knickers again……

While the clothes were drying we walked around the camp site and who was sat there outside one of the caravans was Deb and Dave our friends from home who live just down the road………… would you believe it!! It was Deb who mentioned coming to Woolacombe but who would have thought it a year on and we are here at the same time on the same site!!

We chatted for about 2 hours and then walked back to cook tea. BBQ tonight. Once we had washed up our tea things we walked down through the site to some footpaths and from there we could get to loads of destinations. Tonight’s destination was Mortehoe. Through some fields and another camp site, boy did they pack them in on there. There was a pub, arcade, park,ice cream shop and a take away. It was very noisy and made us thankful that we were on the site we were on. Walking on down a short lane we arrived at our destination. A quaint little village with 2 pubs, a take away, a village shop and a church. It was beautiful.

We walked passed the pubs……. What I hear you cry!! Yes we walked passed and climbed up some more of the coastal path to watch the sunset. A beautiful end to another fab day. Xx🐧xx