To start us off we had to have a drink at The Ship. Well it was a hot day…….. we didn’t want to get dehydrated! 🤣

We walked into Woolacombe from the site Damage Barton and it only took us 40 minutes. We passed 2 coves as we neared the main Woolacombe beach, both were much quieter than the main beach.

Grunts Beach

Barricade Beach

Woolacombe Sand

We sat, in the sunshine, people watching, from the benches overlooking the main beach.

After a while, we headed into town. Not a large town, only 1 Main Street with a few shops. We got 2 Woolacombe t-shirts and a pair of shorts for me….. can’t resist a bargain.

Having done the shops we decided to sit and have a bit of chill time with a couple of drinks in the Tides Inn.

We sat on the terrace right at the front and got chatting to another couple, who were wild camping! We picked up a couple of tips, said our goodbyes and caught our bus back to Mable.

We decided to catch the bus into Ilfracombe because the weather had been a bit unpredictable, rain and strong winds!! We even had to get our raincoats out!! It cost us £10 return, quite a lot we thought but never mind at least we didn’t get wet.

On reaching town we headed off to the harbour area. The first thing we saw, couldn’t miss really was the big statue on the end of the harbour. I’m not sure what I think about it……

I will let you make up your own mind about it.

Moving on, another climb up to a little chapel ( St Nicholas ) and a cannon on Lantern Hill right on the end of the harbour too. It was built as a chapel, that maintained a light to guide ships, in 1321. When Henry VII dissolved monasteries in 1540 it ceased being a chapel but remained a lighthouse and is thought to be the oldest working lighthouse in the country……. History lesson over.

Off to see the elephant from the old quay. Wow! He is really there, can you see him?

We have often laughed at people having their food taken off them by a seagull, but no longer!! We were walking down the road towards the Victorian tunnels when I went to give my ice-cream to Dave for a lick and the little monster flew right through the middle of us and took it from my hands, leaving me with just a serviette………… it was yummy too, milky bar and cherry cheesecake. I was not happy!

The Victorian tunnels were amazing. There was a man and a woman’s Beach as they were not allowed to mix!! The men’s was shut today because of a wedding so through the tunnels we went to the ladies side. We spent a relaxed hour or so there and didn’t really want to leave but the bus was calling.

Another couple of days over and another awesome sunset. Xx🐧xx