Before we could get onto the coastal path we needed to get to Lee. This is why this site is perfect because you can reach anywhere by the many paths. We walked through lanes and woods until we eventually reached the little village of Lee.

There was lots of history in this tiny place. The old post office was there ( now a house), an old pub and a very small school house still with desks inside.

The church was just beautiful, with its stained glass windows and very old features.

Stopping off at the village hall where there was a craft fayre on. All lovely crafts. We bought some dolphins for the window of Mable.

Heading back on ourselves we started the coastal path passing Lee bay as we did.

The views were amazing once again and you just can’t capture them on camera.

We reached Bull Point where there was a light house and we discovered a road leading to it!!

Between Bull point and Mort point there was a little bay and playing in there were 5 seals. Basking in the sun and then diving and rolling. We stayed watching for quite a while.

To our surprise we found a little hidden gem amongst the rocks. It was Rockham bay. We ventured down the newly built stairs and made our way to the far corner.

I thought we would never get this walk finished but what a lovely time we were having trying.

Eventually we found Morte point and how dramatic it was!! Jurassic rocks surround us. Very eerie.

One last climb to Mortehoe and our walk was done ending with a drink of course!!

Rockham Beach

We were so impressed with this little bay that we walked back there today. There was a little path leading straight to it and it only took us 30 minuets. Over looking the cliff edge we were pleased to see nobody camped on the beach so we pitched our tent and claimed our spot.

When the sea was out there was lots of sand but as the tide came in it claims the sand leaving the pebble beach and large waves to enjoy.

We relaxed for a while, had our lunch and then ventured into the sea. Dave swam but the waves were a little too high for me.

The sun shon all day and we had a great beach day. Near to 4 pm the tide was almost in, it wasn’t going to reach us but we decided to head home anyway.

Sweet and sour for tea, cooked on the cobb. Yum yum.

Rainbow tonight instead of a sunset.