Reluctantly leaving Damage Barton in the mist and muzzle, we ventured to Lynton and Linemouth on our way to Chedder.

As we travelled towards the town the heavens opened and we thought we wouldn’t be getting out! Then to our relief the sun emerged and brightened everything up. We picked up our raincoats, we weren’t that positive, and headed out the door.

Lynton was a quiet town, a couple of eating places and a few shops, after having a mooch we decided to catch the cliff lift down to Lynmouth.

The cliff lift ( funicular railway)is the only one still working using water to power it. It was impressive and a nice little bit of history. At £3.90 each, we thought the price was a bit steep….. steep!! 🤣🤣🤣but we just had to go on it.

Down in Lynmouth you had the sea and harbour and quaint little avenues with the shops in. I liked it very much. Deciding to have our breaky we sat by the window in the and ordered a full Cornish… wasn’t what Dave was expecting.

It did contain the breakfast inside. Egg, bacon, sausage and beans. Very nice.

We walked up to the top of town to the tidal current turbine, Glen Lyn Gorge, we would have liked to have looked around but time was pressing on and we had a 2 hour journey in front of us, so we opted for a walk and a blow along the sea front before heading back on the train.

The cafe at the top was an ideal place to stop for coffee and cake before our continued journey over Exmoor where we saw wild horses, cute.

Oh boy !!!! What a journey it was……… all was going well until we got to Bridgewater. We needed provisions and I saw there was an Aldi nearby so I began to direct Dave to it…….. Directions and me don’t go together!!!! We ended up going down narrow, one way streets which led on to a pedestrian shopping area where the locals were staring at us with disgust!! Eventually reaching Aldi, with Dave sweating and the air turning blue, we discovered that it was only a tiny car park and we couldn’t fit in. What a complete waste of time.

Setting off again with Dave listening to Sally and not me, we drove into Chedder, I did attempt to tell him where he needed to turn but my advice went unheeded and we went sailing past the entrance to Sainsbury’s 😡, turning round we drove into the car park only to find there were no double parking spaces……….. it was 3.30 on a Sunday afternoon…………. Why were all these people shopping?????? As we drove round someone pulled out so we threw Mable into the space and did a supermarket sweep around the shop, managing to fill our trolley with essentials and get out as they announced the doors would close in 10 minutes……….. and there were still people going in 😳.

Cheddar camp site was just around the corner but the entrance was tucked up next to a football pitch, Dave drove straight past it ……… I’m not saying a word🙊. Turning round, AGAIN, we entered the small quiet site. The lady welcomed us and said we could go and choose our spot. Beings that the sun was out we put the awning up and had a well earned beer and let the driving stresses melt away.