Woke up to rain…… so glad we looked at our weather app and made the decision to take down the awning last night.

Heading home is so sad, so to cheer ourselves up we popped into Glastenbury and then Clevedon.

On entering Glastonbury, the first thing we had problems with was parking!!! We drove round and round… even Sally couldn’t find a car park. Then Dave saw a really hippie camper van and he followed her 🙄she could have been going anywhere. She did park up and she was a true Glastonbury girl, telling us that when Morrisons was built they had to have the car park open for Glastonbury people, so we could park there for as long as we wanted. Result! Good to know if you ever find yourself there.

All the shops were quite unusual, some so beautiful you forgot you were there to buy thing . One woman even had fairy pointed ears and wings on!!

There were shops ready to give you treatments and there were meditation stops.

We would have liked to walk up to the Tor, maybe next time if we pass this way again.

Walking back to Mable we saw the Abby, deciding not to go is as time was short we headed out of town feeling peaceful and relaxed. Peace Man😌

As we headed into Clevedon we drove around for half an hour, yes you guessed it we were looking for a parking space again…. None of the car parks let campers on!!!! We parked up a side road but had quite a walk to the town and the pier.

The sea was a dirty brown colour and didn’t look very appealing at all.

They had built a marine pool which looked much better and there were a few people even splashing about in it!!

Looking around we saw a pub right at the end of the promenade, we had to try it out as the sun was shining now!

We read about the pier here and Dave loves piers. It is 150 years old and is the oldest pier in the country.

There was lots information that was very hands on.

It was a bit weird walking on the pier, looking down between the slats. When we got to the end there was a lovely little coffee shop and seating to take in the view.

After having our heads blown off, we went into the bubble room, where they had installed a circular window to see the pier from underneath. Cool.

Time for a spot of tea and another drink. Opposite the Pier there was a pub called the Moon and Sixpence and we ate our fish and chips over looking the mud flats and pier.

I don’t think you would come here for the beach as it was quite a muddy sand and the sea was a dirty brown colour!! The town was ok but we probably didn’t see all of it. There was a big fair by the marine pool but not sure if it’s there all the time.

Well, that’s it then, we come to the end. 26 nights, 5 different camp sites, about 800 miles by road and 196.37 miles on foot. We have had sunshine ☀️ rain ☔️ fog, hail and high winds but we have had lots of laughs and made lots of memories. Until the next adventure it’s bye from me and Dave and it’s bye from Mable. xx🐧xx