This isn’t quite a Mable Adventure but we walk with our friends, Joy and Rob and their two dogs Flick and Alfie, regularly so I decided to include our walks in my blog.

This particular walk, The Three Castle Walk in Shropshire, was the one chosen, by Joy and Rob, on this occasion.

We started our walk from the Swan Inn, unfortunately too early for a gin, at 9.50 am and headed up the lane to a chapel.

Over bridges we clambered looking at historical features like this horse trough.

The first castle we approached was Broncroft Castle, a beautiful home now. Shame it wasn’t open to the public, like a good mooch around an old castle.

Walking on, we went through lots of stiles with no dog holes in, which made it very difficult for us to get Flick and Alfie over them. This was making Rob very mucky but he wore it well. The terrain was varied going through fields, lanes, corn fields and woods.

Eventually we reached The Tally Ho Inn. This was a pub that seemed to be in the middle of nowhere but what a find. It was a typical country pub with an eating place outside too. It was very clean and welcoming. The beer was excellent so the others told me and the gin was very tasty. We had a very refreshing break here but decided not to have a meal, although they did look very tempting, so we shared our packed lunch together out on the picnic tables!! ( shhh! Don’t tell the landlord.)

Even Stick man got in on the act. Bless him.

Moving on, passing a couple of beautiful cottages and one not so beautiful. (It’s such a shame to see places in such dis repair,) we climbed over another set of stiles.

Looking at the information board we realised we had found our second castle Corfham Castle, which seemed to have a large settlement around it, we walked thoughtfully over the groundworks thinking about all the other people that had walked there in the past.

The next gate didn’t pose a problem for the dogs because as Rob untied the rope the whole gate collapsed. It gave us all quite a scare but don’t worry we replaced it into the position we found it in.

The sun was out when we walked through the hay bale field and they looked quite inviting for a little rest.

Reaching our third and last castle, Corfton Castle, we read the information board and was disappointed that once again there was no public access, but you could see the mound where it used to stand.

Before reaching Diddlebury, we had to pass a field of cows and walk through a field that had a bull in!! Joy was very brave for she has a very real fear of cows. Well done Joy.

The village of Diddlebury was a quiet, small and picturesque place. It had a stream running through the middle so we walked over the bridge and continued to the school and up over the field.

After a while, we realised we had gone wrong. The boys consulted the map and we decided to turn back so we could complete the whole walk. We were so glad we did as there was lots to explore in the hedgerows.

On the final streak he of the walk the heavens opened and raincoats went on, such a shame as we weren’t far from the car. Soggy and wet, we sat in the bus shelter and rested our legs. We then decided to get changed there too!! So glad it was very quiet and nobody was about.

We were all shattered, some more than others but we had the most enjoyable day.

It was such a shame as The Swan was closed when we reached it. We decided to go into Church Stretton and had a meal at The Station. It was a very friendly pub. The meals were very tasty and the puddings were a well earned treat after such an energetic day.

I recommend this walk, definitely for people, not quite so sure about dogs!! however you would need to take the print out from the link above and a map as some instructions were not clear. It could also get very muddy in parts after rain. The walk has a good variety of different environments and lots of interest about the local history.