In the glorious sunshine, we started on our Coastal Path walk from our little haven up on the hill. A full 6 miles lay ahead of us with expectation of amazing views of Tenby and Caldey Island.

The start of all good walks has to be….. a coffee, hot chocolate in this case. We stopped off at the South Beach Bar and Grill. They were fully booked for lunch as it was a Sunday, the menu looked good, the restaurant looked very welcoming and the toilets were like a seaside shack, very interesting.

The sun was out and it was just like a Summers day. Including the pigeons wanting some food, hence only drinks served outside, which is a shame.

Staying longer than intended, due to the ambiance and the sun, we dragged ourselves to the start point of our walk.

Low flying golf balls was the warning at the start of our walk, as we made our way through an enormous golf course? We collected 2 golf balls, luckily not from the air heading towards our heads but off the floor.

The walk took us off the pathways and onto the road for a short stint, as we headed back onto the pathway a bitter disappointment waited for us. There in a little army hut was an army cadet telling us that we couldn’t go down the path we wanted as there was rifle practice. First low flying balls now low flying bullets!!!!!

Feeling a little disheartened we carried on to the beach where we decided to have our picnic.

Sitting in the sun, munching our chicken sarnies we noticed people walking up and down the cliffs and after investigating on OS Maps we discovered another path to our end destination. We could continue with our quest.

After a short but steep walk up the cliffs, we were blown away,( in an amazing way) as well as by the wind. The views were fantastic and well worth a visit.

We carried on right to the point having to scramble up and down tricky rocks. Appropriate footwear is a must.

The view of Caldey Island only made us determined to return so we could go over for a visit. The boat trips stopped for the season on the Saturday we arrived!!

Walking around on the point we spied our Mable sitting in her field, waiting for our return.

There on the top of the path, was also another army cadet stopping people passing.

When we had our fill of the beautiful views we made our way down the same way and along the long South beach, mooching in the rocks for any shells to take home. The North beach was cut off so we headed up to town to continue our walk back to Mable. Tired but exhilarated xx🐧xx