Having never visited this part of the coast, we decided to give it a go and boy are we glad we did. With its enormous, characteristic beaches, town steeped in history and Caldey and St Catherine’s Islands near by we were in for a treat.

Our first trip into town consisted of the beaches first. I have never seen such a long and interesting beach. We walked down 120 steps to get to North beach which is the smaller of the two with the harbour attached.

With the tide right, we were able to walk under the old lifeboat station and the new one. The underneath of the launch ramp was covered in barnicals which made me think of boarding The Flying Dutchman in Pirates of the Caribbean, which gave me a shiver down my spine.

Around the small headland we walked and WOW! There in front of us stretched miles of golden sound, we set off walking only to see an island on the beach, St Catherine’s Island,with a gaping hole through the rocks underneath her, which we obviously had to explore.

There were so many little nooks and cranies to explore and we took quite a long time doing so.

Further up the beach there was a lovely piece of driftwood made into a bench by the sea? We sat and people watched for a short while before having a walk through the town to the tourist information center.

The town was surrounded by a castle wall, with some alleyways to walk through to mooch around the shops. There are 5 castle archways throughout the town bringing history alive as we passed under them.

I loved the town and its castle walls and couldn’t wait to go to the museum to find out the history behind it. The roads were cobbled and seemed to ramble everywhere. We discovered many ways around the town and I’m sure there are some still to discover.