Having seen the castle walls and St Catherine’s Island from afar, today was the day we went to discover them. Taking in the towns hospitality of course.

First up was St Catherine’s Island. It gets cut off at high tide and so today was the last day we could visit. It was £3.50 each to get in, well worth the money.

The first thing you notice is the solitude , standing on this island surrounded by water was a very eerie experience especially thinking of all the occupants of the fort and how they used to live.

My heart was in my mouth as I walked across the dangerous, high, rickety, old wire bridge with sharp, protruding rocks down below.

Well that’s what it felt like!! 🤣🤣

Majestically, the front door stood open to welcome us in. I wasn’t sure what to expect inside but I was in for a shock.

A talk was just about to start and a very enthusiastic man began his tale of he fort. From being a fort to protect the bay to a Summer house for a very rich lady, back to a fort and then onto a zoo!!! The usage couldn’t be more different.

Personally, I couldn’t think of living there but pictures show it was once very posh and comfortable.

The talk vas fun and very informative and we thoroughly enjoyed it. After a little look round at the features, now making more sense after the talk, we made our way out into the sunshine and ventured to the museum.

We love museums and this one didn’t disappoint. It was £4.50 to get in but with the amount of information and exhibits there it is a must. We walked round for an hour and then went outside to look at some of the castle ramparts and of course the statue of Prince Albert.

This last picture was what Tenby used to looked like. Impressive eh!

Back into town for a well earned drink. We found the pubs weren’t very cosy looking for an Autumn refreshment. After walking the streets, we plumed for The Lifeboat Tavern. Looked very impressive outside but once we got inside, not sure if it’s because they had all had a long Summer season, but they were not very welcoming. One bar girl was eating at the bar and the bar man, well he made Eyore look happy!! Then to top it all off, my gin was served in a tumbler…. A TUMBLER!!!!! Well we drank up and then we left!!! They didn’t even speak to us on the way out. Shame because the actual bar was quite impressive, shaped like a ship.

Around town there was a horse and carriage ride and even a couple of weddings, oh they looked cold!!

Due to the sun still shining more time on the beach was called for and our little friend cane too. X🐧x