With the sun shining, we walked down to the bottom of the site, turned left and we were on the coastal path. Not far up the path was a place called Allen’s View. It’s an area with many benches, picnic tables, views and tree carvings. Quite beautiful.

After a short interlude, we continued our journey through woods and fields, climbed steep steps and descended back down again. At one point we even travelled along a path, which I likened to the yellow brick road, due to path getting very muddy I suppose.

The one and only Cove you could get to was Waterwynch Bay. A small, secluded bay with a very large hunting lodge/ spa overlooking it. Well worth. A little pop down.

Continuing on our way, we took in the beautiful scenery, looking back at Tenby and seeing it from a different angle and looking ahead to Saundersfoot.

Just before we reached our destination we were treated to a view of Minks point and bay. Delightful.

Upon reaching Saundersfoot we descended onto the beach hoping we could get through the harbour but they were doing repairs on the harbour wall so we had to walk around the houses.

Saundersfoot is a small town with another beautiful beach. We treated ourselves to a lovely cup of coffee and cake to take in the sites as we relaxed.

With our legs well rested we set off to complete our walk to Wiseman’s Bridge. A train used to travel from Saundersfoot to Wiseman’s Bridge and had to travel through tunnels carved out through the rocks. They are still there today and make a very interesting walk.

Upon reaching Wisemans Bridge we stopped, once again in the sunshine, and had a picnic with the sound of a babbling brooke on the beach. It was the water flowing off the mountains. Very relaxing.

We retraced our steps back along the beach and then had a little look around town before catching the bus home. Another part of the coast walked and a very enjoyable day.

Another gorgeous sunset to finish the day perfectly xx🐧xx