A little midweek break to a place I’ve wanted to visit for quite a while…. Downton Abbey. I was sooooooo excited.

  1. but first, a place to stay was essential. We chose Oakley Farm caravan Park, a private site where a very funny little man greeted us. He should have been on the stage🤣🤣.
  2. The site was very well maintained and although the facilities were a little dated, they were very clean. The shower could have been a bit more powerful but eh, no moths or spiders 🕷 always a large plus in my eyes.
  3. Pitches were well spaced out and huge, we were able to spread right out.
  4. No dogs allowed on this site which is very unusual but the French family opposite got round this……
  5. They brought their CAT 🐈😳

The cost for our plot for 3 nights was only £57 bargain for such a lovely break.

Once we were all set up we decided to stretch our legs, so we headed out on a circular walk through Penwood. A nice little stroll🥺 NO!!

Started off great, lovely woodland walk.

Then we reached a service area, Starbucks, McDonald’s and truck sleep over. Not a path to be seen!! We had a coffee to contemplate our next move.

Deciding to retrace our steps, we headed off. Yes you guessed it Dave found another path…… why do I always follow him ?? 😩

It soon became obvious when the ferns became taller than me and there was a carpet of nettles under foot that this was not the right path. 🤣🤣

Rain poured down on us as we retraced our path, got soaked but cooled us down and we were graced with a beautiful rainbow.

The day finally dawned, and I was going to Downton. The site was only a 10 minute ride on Ruby so we got kitted up and went on our first outing.

My first view was breathtaking, it was even better in the flesh.

Our ticket for inside Highclere was for 1pm so we set off to explore the grounds.

After having a picnic in the grounds we headed off around the castle. No photos were allowed to be taken in the house, so all I can say is it was amazing, Looking over the balustrade down onto the centre of the castle was awesome and my favourite part. There were pictures all around of the cast in action which was very interesting. I wished that we could have seen more of Highclere Castle itself, it was enormous and we seemed to only see a small percentage of it. The other thing that disappointed me was that we didn’t see any kitchens or the down stairs rooms!!

Within the cost of our ticket was a look around the Egyptian museum. We hadn’t realised that the 5th Lord Canarvan was the man that discovered Tutankhamen’s tomb with is friend Carter. The pieces on show and information in the museum were outstanding and very interesting. No pictures again but there was so much to look at that we really wouldn’t know what to take a photo of.

Well worth a visit and I’m so glad I went.

Impressive gates as we left.

New day and Winchester was our destination. After a wonderful ride on nippy Ruby we began our exploration.

Tourist information first then a stop for breakfast.

The Forte Kitchen was our choice, didn’t look much from outside but very welcoming inside, the meal was gorgeous and the staff very friendly.

Deciding to follow a circular walk around the town from a leaflet we began our trek.

King Arthur statue.

National Trust Winchester City Mill.

Medieval Bishop’s complex.

Privately owned now.

Priors Gate.

Winchester Cathedral

Well earned beer 🍺.

Town clock.

Great Hall. Could this be the place of The Round Table?

Who knows!!😳

Break nearly over, all packed up and ready for the homeward journey just 1more stop, The White Horse on the hill.

What we should have seen……

What we actually saw🤣🤣🤣 Beautiful walk though, taking in Dragons Hill and Uffington Castle. A walk steeped in history.

Another wonderful break comes to an end. See you on our next adventure. Xx🐧xx