This one was a longer, more strenuous route. Lots of steps and very steep climbs. 6 miles.

First leg of our journey was on Ruby ( our trusted scooter) she took us to Sheldon where we caught the bus to Babbacombe.

We got a bit of shock on the bus as the fare was £9.60 single for the 2of us 😱 even the bus driver couldn’t believe the price! After trying 3 times to get a cheaper price for us, she gave up and told us to just take a seat. 🤣🤣RESULT……. free bus ride. Is this what it feels like to be a pensioner 🧓. I like it.

On reaching Babbacombe, our first stop, as always was coffee and breaky this morning. We found a little breakfast shack on the beach and had a coffee and a bacon sarnie. The view was lovely but the chef was a grumpy man who never cracked a smile!! Great sandwich shame about the greeting.

It started to rain so we moved our table under the canopy where we were joined by 2 dogs 🐕 🐶 looking for some breakfast…… and we all know how much Dave LOVES dogs!!


We walked to the start of our walk, where we met a lovely couple and stood chatting for ages. Reluctantly moving on we began the ascent of the cliffs.

The sound of the running water flowing through the rocks was a delight to listen to as we climbed.

Babbacombe Cliff Railway was running up the cliffs from the beach so I persuaded Dave to take a ride!! CHEAT!! He called me 😬.

I loved it, and didn’t care if it was cheating 🤣.

Back on our route and the start of the walk took us through some wonderful woods. With glimpses of the coastline.

Come on Mandy! Heard that a lot 😬
Waiting for me to catch up again!

Daves man cave!
Trying to look at one with nature 😳

View of the beach cafe.
View of the start of our walk

Here I am getting ready to sprint up the steps. 🤣🤣 I wish…… I was dying trying to climb them and thought if I bent over I would actually be able to breath!!

Feeling the need to rest our weary legs, we headed to the beach at Maidencombe. More steps!! Well worth the clamber down to rest our aching bones.

Maidencombe beach.

After an agonising climb up the steep steps we thought we deserved liquid refreshment so a pint of Badger was called for at The Thatched Tavern.

The grounds of this pub were beautiful and we were able to get a bench in the corner to eat our sarnie.

After lunch, our picnic with a pint. The last leg of the walk lay ahead.

Crossing over the fields on the approach to Shaldon we were lucky to spot a few friendly creatures.

A beautiful Robin.

An unusual grasshopper.

And a cheeky little mouse.

Struggling up a very steep bank, breathing so hard and taking tiny steps we were eventually rewarded with a view which meant we were nearly finished. Teignmouth Pier.

We were so pleased to reach Ruby. Shedding our clumpy walking shoes for our flip flops, we headed into Sheldon for a little mooch and a reward…. coffee and cake at The Clipper.

Todays walk wasn’t one of the best for coastal views but we did see many more interesting sights with a few glimpses of our beautiful coast line. Xx🐧xx