Well, what a day! Ruby certainly earned her keep today, we wouldn’t have managed without her.

Our first attraction was Compton Castle. It’s a National Trust property in the village of Compton.

We arrived just as it was opening at 10.30 and were greeted by two pleasant volunteers wearing period costumes. Then walking into the courtyard there was a man singing old fashions fables. They really went to town on their greetings.

The castle started as a house and through the ages many different parts had been built on. This made it look a rather wealthy property so a castle wall was built around it to keep it safe from merauders.

The grounds were well cared for, having a selection of interesting plants and seating areas to sit and ponder about all the people who had walked along the rose scented paths through the years.

Photos weren’t allowed to be taken inside so you will have to trust me when I say it was very interesting, with many portraits, antique furniture and of course the kitchens to brows at. Not a large place but we had a very entertaining few hours.

As always, coffee was calling us but they didn’t have any refreshments so we trundled over the road to Castle Barton.

A delightful little cottage that had been converted into a restaurant and coffee house. It still looked like a house with a front room and a dining room. The carrot cake was to die for 😉. I even managed to get 2 books from their table top sale.

All refreshed and eager to continue our exploration of the area we rode Ruby to Stoke Gabriel. A village situated on a creek of the River Dart. We parked at the quay and managed free parking if I smiled at the parking attendant 🙂😊😃😁. I managed that easily.

The town wasn’t very large but typical of a lot of Devon villages steeped in history and very welcoming. There were two pubs in this village, one was shut but The Church House Inn was open for our pint of Sky Dive ale.

Some of you have asked how I am putting up with Dave during this holiday……..

now you know. Think I will leave him there.🤣🤣

There was an old school house just down from the pub and what was wonderful was the fact a lady was putting names on pegs for the children to start nursery, so it is still being used for children.

Saw this plaque in the same street as the school. Made us titter.

Saving money, we headed back to the quay for our picnic. Very restful people and bird watching. There was a coffee shop come restaurant called The River Shack on the quay, it was very busy and the meals looked lovely. Toys were on the side for children to play with and there was a very friendly atmosphere.

Totnes was our last stop for the day. A busy little historic market town with some great shops. still on the banks of the River Dart. Had a mooch around the town then walked by Totnes Castle but didn’t go in, it was English Heritage and time was short. Took a picture from the outside.

The Main Street.

Lovely day. Back on Ruby for the journey home. Late tea and early to bed I think. Enjoying yourself is hard work. Xx🐧xx