This walk started off with a bit of deja vu ! Back to Babbacombe to the starting point of our other coastal walk but going in the opposite direction to Torquay.

Our walk started with …. of course… coffee. 🤣🤣🤣 we weren’t going to give the grumpy man from the shack on the beach our custom again so we found Hamiltons.

Coffee was tasty and Dave had a sausage bap to give him strength for his walk. We were the only customers so had the pick of the whole place.

There was no surprise that our walk started with a climb but the view was worth it.

We saw Red Cove Beach and Anstey Cove.

It was the latter that we headed to and we weren’t disappointed when we got there 😳. What a surprise to find Ansteys Cove Cafe

Reluctantly we forced our feet to carry on with the walk. This walked promised to be a little more interesting with all the coves to see and heading out to Hopes Nose for our lunch.

Hopes Nose from a distance.

Getting closer.

closer still.

The walk down, not looking forward to the walk back up!!

Finally here and a well earned picnic.

Crawled back up the steep path to the road side, people looked at me with concern on their faces as I past them, puffing and panting with a beetroot face. We made our way onwards.

Some stunning shots!

Eventually we reached Meadfoot Beach and there on the car park, a sight for sore eyes 👀

An ice- cream van. 😀

Green sauce, double yum 😋

With our tasty treat finished we carried on our merry way.

Past London Bridge.

Nearly there

Past Peaked Tor Cove. Just look at that water.

First sign of Torquay harbour.

Past Living Coast. We will be going there tomorrow. See my next Blog.

Yippee, we made it. Another part of the Coastal Path conquered.

Just to end our day a cocktail was our form of celebration. We walked into town and found a rather modern pub but it was 2 for £10 so we headed in. We were very brave.

We we’re so glad we did though, not only was my Purple Rain to die for but outside was rather astonishing and very comfortable.

You couldn’t believe you were in a busy town. Cheers. 🍻 xx🐧xx