What can I say I just loved Living Coasts. My favourite animals 🐧 and all sorts of coastal animals.

It is well worth a visit. There were money off vouchers in the English Riviera Booklet and a double offer if you were going to Paignton Zoo too.

As adults we spent a good 4 hours there but there was so much more for children to do, water areas, soft play areas, interactive sand trays and interactive drawing fish tanks. Wow, I feel exhausted just writing about it. Here we go then, my visit in pictures and a few videos.

Our welcome pics.

My favourites……. more of them to come 🤣

Feeding the sting rays.

Playing with seals.

A selection of birds.

Me having a go at feeding the birds.

Interactive drawing. You colour a fish in, put it under the light and it takes a picture. Moments later your coloured fish pops out of the pipe and is swimming in the picture. Amazing.


Strange prehistoric Black Cormorants 😳

More Penguins 🐧

selection of marine animals.

Noisy creatures.

Even a climbing wall for Dave.

Gorgeous Tufted Puffins. Playful otters

More seals


And the last word goes to a ………..penguin. 🐧Love them❤️