Off we set on a glorious morning, sun shining and not a cloud in the sky. A great relief after yesterday’s wash out. We had a short 4 min walk to the bus stop which took us straight into Paignton. ( How was that Madge? 🤣🤣)

After a short bus ride we hit Paignton town.

Lots of amusements and typical seaside shops. The Dartmouth steam train was a surprise and we had a look around the steam train shop.

The start of our walk today was from the start of Paignton beach, we should have walked from Torquay but it’s all along the road so we decided life is to short to walk along a road and chose the beach path instead.

The beach view was much better too.

Our first stop was Paignton Pier. Still working and very loud.

We headed out to find some calm and tranquility on the end of the Pier but that wasn’t to be.

Nice view of Paignton though.

A little bit further along the beach to our coffee spot. So idyllic .

can you hear those waves.? 🌊

All that water made me want a wee so we borrowed the amenities at Vue.

We will be back on the 13th.

Downton is back. 😃

🎶 Oh I do like to be beside the seaside 🎶 … did you all sing that ?

You can just imagine all the tales these old B&B can tell.

I just love the old dears, come and sit down they said and hello mom when Dave took the shot.

Through to the harbour under the walk way and how unusual to see thatched cottages here.

We climbed a little out of town and followed the path around Roundham Head looking over Fairy Cove.

Turning around the Cove we were surprised to see Goodrington sands.

What was that we spied through the trees?

Yes a pub 😁😁 That’s where we headed.

Following the path Around the sea wall.

Past yet more beach huts.

Past people enjoying beach huts.

Some of the signs on the beach huts I couldn’t agree more with their messages.

Goodrington sands was a nice surprise as not only was there the beach but a large pond and green park with many activities for children young and old.

we chose to watch the world go by at the Inn on the Quay.

Well with liquid refreshment sorted we headed along the beach,

Where you could hire a paddle board for £20 an hour,

No wonder they all tried to clamber aboard on one for the hour 🤣🤣.

Then up and along the railway track to Saltern Cove for lunch.

Couldn’t believe we were the only ones on the beach.

Lovely picnic with just the sounds of the waves. Now this is more us 😁.

Back to the Coastal path and headed for the next beach Broadsands.

What’s that we hear, is it a steam train…… yes, well you’ve never seen two 50ish year olds climb the steps so fast just so we could have a glimps of that train.

Just for you Dad, I know how much you like steam trains. Just listen to the sound of it. 🚂

There it was in the distance, Broadsands.

Now to tackle the streets to find the campsite.

yippee we made it. Now for a cuppa. Xx🐧xx