Here we go again!! This one proved to be a very strenuous 11 miles, with the hardest climb not even on the coastal walk it was just getting back to Hillhead.

Our bus stop was just outside the camp and we only had to travel 6 minutes up the road to Churston. Eventually making our way down to Broadsands where we left our prior walk.

We walked under Hookhills Viaduct designed by Isembard Kindom Brunel. Impressive.

The path firstly took us over open ground then down to Elberry Cove where we had coffee. There is apparently sea grass growing under the sea in this cove. Very interesting.

As we made our way off the beach we explored a derelict building perched on the rocks.

It was an old bath house, built in the 18th century for Lord Churshton. Wouldn’t have guessed that.

Around the rock pools we had to climb over were lots of seaweed and these little creatures,

It’s fascinating what you find on a beach. we didn’t know what they were maybe one of my readers know.

As we walked along the next stretch we were given a taster of what was to come….. Brixham.

But first we had to climb down to and obviously up from Churston Cove.

The path leading to the cove was quite steep and a little slippy but not as bad as Dave was making out. 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

We just loved this cove, it was so interesting and there was a cafe…… we didn’t go for a coffee and cake. OMG 😲 I hear you cry,

A great way of getting off a cove.

Brixham Harbour here we come.

Brixham harbour was a very busy and picturesque harbour with lots of fishing boats and pleasure boats with the backdrop of all the quaint little painted houses.

Needless to say there was an abundance of plaices to eat fish 🤣We couldn’t resist the temptation of battered tiger prawns in a pot from Rockfish.

They were very expensive £3.95 for 5 prawns 🦐. That caused a problem……. Dave gave me the last one, then I shared it. Ahh bless. ❤️

We savoured them and made them last.

A few sites of Brixham as we walked through the town.

The replica of Golden Hind.

He obviously had been up to no good.


Having followed the path through town we were then taken to the outdoor seawater pool. Has obviously see better days 😩

Onwards and upwards literally, why so many steps. 🤣

A short walk round through the trees to Berry Head.

Dave having a go at shooting the cannon. He missed . 🤣

Eating our well earned lunch right on the tip we were treated to a spectacle of a shoal of dolphins 🐬 swimming out at sea, needless to say lunch took rather longer than we thought. There is a dated visitors centre and a fort on the next mound which we found interesting.

Well worth a visit . There is a car park near by so you don’t have to do the whole walk to get there.

Continuing on, feeling so lucky to be seeing all this beautiful scenery we saw our next bay, St Marys Bay.

We could have been anywhere in the world. Just look at the colour of the sea.

The next stretch was National Trust.

There were cows grazing on the field as we Past.

Then round the corner came our ending point.

With tiny little steps, as the path was so steep we descended to the beach and the end of our coastal walk.

I just couldn’t resist as my feet were on fire.

We were very tired but proud of our achievement. Now for the walk back to camp. Which actually turned out to be the worst part, really steep everlasting paths.

This is what’s to come our next walk, but that’s for another day. Xx🐧xx