Our plans had to change today as the weather wasn’t great for the second half of our Coastal walk so off we went on Ruby for a 4 minute journey into Kingswear.

Our plans had to change there too as we were going to look around Kingswear but the only car park would have cost £8 for the day and it only cost £3 one way to take Ruby on the Dartmouth Lower Ferry. So I couldn’t tell you what’s in Kingswear or what it’s like. 🤣( Just read the information on the link I’ve set up and it says there are plenty of shops and pubs😳 we will try and find them tomorrow on our coastal walk.)

Dartmouth was a very charming town located on the River Dart.

It’s narow streets had overhanging medieval houses, of all different styles which reflected its history.

There were gardens, shops and a cove fort to explore, not to mention the harbour.

The Royal Avenue Gardens had an abundance of different species of plants because of its mild sheltered climates. They were beautiful.

Bayside cove fort was on the far side of the harbour, it was built in the 16th century to protect the harbour from enemy ships. Dartmouth Castle is a mile out of town but we will cover that on our other planned coastal walks.

We stopped off at the Bayards Cave Inn for a very tasty sandwich.

Another mooch around the shops and a walk down to the upper ferry completed our day , just a quick ale at The Floating Bridge before heading home.

Can you see him.🤣🤣

As a little treat we managed to have a quick glimpse of the steam train again just leaving the station at Kingswear.

What a wonderful way to end our lovely day. Xx🐧xx