The start of this walk has been changed that many times. We had the original plan, bus to Kingswear and walk back but we didn’t fancy Penhill Lane again at the end of our walk. Then Dave was going to take Ruby to Kingswear and get bus back to site but no car parks for free only £8 for day, no good. So we decided to walk from here and get a bus back. We don’t like being reliant on public transport at the end of a walk… just in case but needs must.

Penhill Lane was much better walking down than up and we had an added surprise of finding a Geocache, hidden…. not telling you where 😉

How exciting, our first one.

Deciding to walk along Mill Lane, which was flatter but also muddier 😩 guess who nearly fell in….. No it was me 😱. I was heading head first but luckily saved myself and landed on my bottom, I thought I was slipping into the mud but managed to save myself with my foot. Boot all muddy now.

Here we are at the start of our walk.

All fresh and smiling. That didn’t last long.

Wow that was a steep one!

In the distance we spied Hillhead.

Mable was hiding behind that row of trees.

Our coffee cove was Sabbacombe Sands. It was a little busier than we are used to with 6 people on it but we coped.

( Just put in my link for this beach and read that it is a naturist beach 😳 that could have put us off our coffee).

Another climb but this was made bearable by watching the wild horses.

Plenty to see on the way to our next resting place and lunch. All this walking makes you sooo hungry.

We were going to have dinner here,

but we couldn’t get down to it.

Dave spied somewhere he wanted to have lunch and yes it included a scramble but it was beautiful in the end 🥵.

Had to tear ourselves away from this spot.

We were nearly at our finish destination but first a very interesting look around Brownstone Battery built in 1940. To protect the harbour from enemy ships.

This was where the big search lights were situated.

Big gunners were housed in this building.

The shells were put in trolleys and sent down these tracks.

and this is where the ammunition was kept locked up.

There is now a Coastal watch tower there with a visitor centre too.

This walk had many more steps than our previous walks and it was beginning to tell on our achy legs.

Not far now.

We passed Kingswear Castle, which can’t be accessed and were treated to the views of Dartmouth and the estuary. Dartmouth Castle can be seen, this will be shown in detail on our next walk.

Here we are at the end of our walk not so fresh but still smiling. 😁

Desperately in need of refreshments we walked our last quarter of a mile into Kingswear. There were 3 pubs in all and we chose the Steam Packet Inn. It was on the road side with no seating out side but we just needed a seat and we were so pleased when we tested our weary bones on those bar stools.

Mable was such a wonderful sight tonight as we climbed off the bus. After a long shower we settled down to enjoy our curry. Xx🐧xx