This walk had us going over hills, through farmers fields, along cliffs, through small villages, along the beach, along a lake side, and through woods. It all a started with a bus journey.

The narrow roads caused us a few problems on our £14 bus journey!! Yes £14……. use public transport they say 😳. We were tootling along having a lovely conversation with a couple we met at the bus stop, when we met a lorry coming the other way, we had to reverse. That caused the problem, as the driver put his hazard lights on a very loud alarm began to sound and he couldn’t turn it off. After a good 5 minutes and ringing head office he managed to turn it off with a big cheer from the passengers. Some tricky manoeuvres followed but we were soon on our way again.

Dartmouth lower ferry is where we started our walk and in no time at all we were standing outside Dartmouth Castle,

We had to go and have a look but it was English Heritage so cost us £16. It was a very interesting visit and we found out so much about its history. The views from the watch tower were amazing.

Time was pressing on but we hadn’t had coffee yet. Should we shouldn’t we…. of course we should. Castle Bay was glorious and so close so we headed down for a break 🤣🤣. I’m going to stop Dave doing his climbing, he gets in the most awkward places for coffee.

I did make it up there. 🧗‍♀️EVENTUALLY.

Coffee was wonderful but we must stop procrastinating. Well we nearly made it a few more miles.

Found his inner child.

After playtime comes serious walking time and a steep climb faced us. OMG!

Once over and sweating profoundly, we were directed to Stoke Fleming, and what’s in Stoke Fleming …… The Green Dragon 🍻.

Nice little stop off for lunch.

Next point to focus on was Blackpool sands.

We had help on this part of the walk, a lovely black cat joined us on the path. It was just as if he was leading us. As quick as a flash he darted in the undergrowth and pulled out a vole, played with it and then it scurried away. I checked to see if he was ok ( not sure what I would have done if he wasn’t) and he ran, cat got him again but we were quick in the uptake and moved the cat along. We saved the vole.

Feeling quite proud of our lifesaver selves we said goodbye to the cat and continued to Blackpool sands. On the map it looked like part of the journey was along the main road but there were walkways along the side, so not only was it beautiful it was safe too.

After resting a while and being mesmerised by the waves we had another steep climb to Frogwell and Strete, there was another pub but as it was nearing 4 o’clock we thought we had better press on.

Passing the car park where we stopped off for coffee on our first day here, Slapton Sands came into view and spurred us on.

By the time we reached the beach my legs were really suffering. It was really hot too so as chance would have it there was a little coffee place right on the beach.

Only another 2 mile to go and on flat ground. It was beautiful, once again walking along a designated path with the lakes on one side and the sea on the other.

We made it, yippee, I ran down to the beach to see if there were any starfish but alas no!

We celebrated with a pic outside the pub, Start Bay inn but not a drink as it was now nearly 6 o’clock and we were starving.

All I can say is 😱 look at that hair!! I can’t believe Dave let me walk the last 2 miles looking like that😳 xx🐧xx