This was our last coastal walk for this holiday and the one that caused us the biggest headache. How do we get to where we want to start….. we couldn’t!! Taxi was £25 😳 So we caught the 8 am bus to Kingsbridge, waited for half an hour, just time for a Costa £1 coffee, caught the 9am bus to Salcombe and then caught the ferry over to Mill Bay. So we are repeating some of this walk but it was the only way. How determined are we?? Or MAD 😜

First stop was returning to Mill Bay,

It looked so inviting, but no, we had 17 miles to walk.

We loved this path as it was so rugged just like the coast line. The path often disappeared and rocks replaced it.

Garra Rock came into view, we went to the pub up on the cliff and the beach last time we walked this way. This was our finishing point last time,so from now on everything would be new.

Not sure why names along the next part of the coast are all pig related. We reached Pigs Nose and decided to have coffee at Venericks Cove.

The path, although steep was well marked until we got to the rope! 😳 Yes we had to scramble last part with the help of a rope.

We made it down and the beach was awash with pebbles but tiny pebbles that were just beautiful. Before coffe we decided to have a paddle.

Looked idilic, the water was so clear but cold and the stones really hurt my feet, such a wimp!

Refreshed and with a sandwich box and flask full of the cute stones we headed back to the dreaded rope. I don’t see why Dave felt the need to video it but I think I did really well.

Sorry, video wouldn’t load 🤭xx

We walked through a difficult part of the path next with plenty of rugged rocks, drops and edges. Absolutely beautiful.

Rounded Gammon point and there was our next milestone Prawle Point. The sun was out and very hot out of the wind, it was quite gusty. As we rounded the cliff to reach Prawle point, OMG the wind picked up and was blowing a great gale and that lasted right to the end of the walk.

Prawle Point is the most Southerly point on the Devon coast and the most treacherous. Hence the need for the lookout point.

Our tummies were grumbling but the wind was howling and the waves were crashing, where were we going to have lunch. We managed to find a sheltered spot at Mattiscombe Bay, well as sheltered as we could manage.

Another few miles walking against the wind, watching the tumbling waves, Start Point came into view.

The lighthouse was built in 1827 and the light was lit for the first time in 1836. The light can be seen out at sea for 21 miles.

As we neared the point, there were two paths, a rugged path over the rocks or a simple one along the road. Guess which one we took…..

Harder one, obviously, I was walking with Dave 🙄.

We were quite tired now but we had another 4 miles to do and another 2 villages to walk through. We pushed ourselves on and reached Hallsands. This is a village that on 27th January 1917, the village was lost to the sea.

Tinsey Head lay before us and the next village, Bee Sands.

The sea was so rough that the sea spray was soaking the pavement and us but we were so hot from our walk that we still only had t-shirts on. We were getting some worried looks from others wrapped up in their fleeces and hats. 🤣🤣.

The Cricket inn was a very welcome sight and after a quick ale and a wee, we were on our way again. Bee Sands was a lovely little village with, of course a beach and more waves, could have stayed there for hours but we had to go if we wanted to get home before midnight.

The White House in the distance marked the base of the last headland to encounter before we reached the end.

No, not more steps now, and they went on and on.

Torcross was a sight for sore eyes. We had made it and the waves were kicking up a right dance here. Foam and spray were splashing everything.

We saw just 1 starfish but the seagulls were having a right feast from the fish in the sea.

The climb back was epic, we had walked this path a few times but not after walking 17 miles. We left Mable at 8.45 this morning and we got back at 7.30, almost 12 hours away. Our last walk was a long one but one that we will remember for a very long time. Xx🐧xx