We came across River Dart Country Park as we began our journey home. The plan, to stop over in Dartmoor for a few nights, started with us pitching up here for 2 nights.

It was pouring of rain when we arrived and we were the only ones on site. A little spooky really but once inside Mable we were nice and cosy and relaxed.

After a thundery night, which kept us awake we woke up to sunshine 🌞.

Before breakfast we decided to have a wander around the site. Wow 😮 it is a wonderful place especially if you have children full of adventure.

we came across some waterfalls they can play in and a lake with a pirate ship in that they can climb on.

They have a hydro generator which saves them a fortune in electricity every year.

There are high ropes which look exciting and adventure parks galore.

Dave just couldn’t help himself but the slide didn’t go to plan… it was wet 🤣🤣

There was a bike run, bouncy castle area and numerous other activities. We paid £21 a night but I did see it was £31 at high season and some of the activities were an extra charge. A little pricey but such a lot to do.

On the way back to Mable we passed the cafe and saw they did cooked breakfasts. Ooh how could we pass by, we haven’t eaten out much this holiday so we decided to treat ourselves. It was gorgeous and enormous. I couldn’t eat all mine and Dave struggled.

On the wall of the cafe there was a picture of the loop of Dart River. We needed to walk our breakfast off and the weather didn’t look too bad so spontaneously we decided to do it.

Well what’s the point of having a picture with named parts of the river. On the wall, if you can’t actually walk to see them. !!!!!! Read on.

Setting of, through the park was fine.

Then we got to Holne Bridge.

That’s where our problems started, the path we needed to follow was marked private 😳 oh! So we walked up the road and thought we could cut along by a hotel. NO, PRIVATE… we only want to see the river.

We carried along the road and eventually came to a house where our path could go, taking a chance we walked down the path.

All was going well until, yes you’ve guessed it…… we reached a PRIVATE NATURE RESERVE. We should have turned round but we didn’t, we were naughty and had a lovely walk along the river.

Thinking we needed to get across the river to pickup an allowed path, we thought of going across the footbridge, until we got to it, it looked like a Bush Tucker Trial 🤭

It was PRIVATE anyway, might of known.

Then our problems got a little worse. We came to a gate which was locked and had barbed wire along the top. We walked along the fence but it had barbed wire along it too. Oh no, were we going to have to turn back….. no way, we walked through a very boggy, private wood, until we eventually and luckily came across a break in the fence and we were able to climb over… phew 😅.

It brought us out at New Bridge, where there were cows in the car park and wild ponies in the lay by, why wouldn’t there be. 🤣

Finding a footpath that was signposted, and therefore legal to walk along,

We walked through Holne Wood to the Church House Inn, which had only just opened after being closed for 4 years. Luckily for us.

It had started to rain as we reached the pub but luckily it had stopped when we came out. So heading in the direction of Buckfastleigh we headed home.

Story of our walk today,

We did very well with the weather , every time it rained we were under trees but as we got closer to Mable the heavens opened and we got a little wet just to finish the walk off . ☔️ xx🐧xx