Castle Drogo is a National Trust property. Not really a castle but the home of the Drewe family who started the first grocery store. It covers the size of 2 football pitches and had a flat roof so both family and servants could sit up there. Unfortunately that lead to many leeks hence the £13 million makeover taking place . If you are in the area it is well worth a visit if you are a NT member, £13.60 per person if not….. quite expensive.

We had a very interesting tour around the house.

It had its own portcullis.

Work has been going on for 6 years , each window has cost £1,000 and there are 900 of them. Each stone has had to be sorted, which needed a crane to lift them because they are so heavy. It is due to all be finished by March. 🤞

The dining room was impressive, look at all those glasses for 1 meal! Red wine, white wine, water, port and liqueur.

The servents were contacted by phone.

Some very interesting dolls houses, one is a baby house, apparently for a young lady to learn how to run a house correctly.

Lovely gardens to walk around.

After coffee and cake, we set off on one of the walks to Fingle bridge which we had heard was beautiful.

Last walk for a while hun, no more waiting for me. 🤣

The views over the gorge were very beautiful however the sheer drop down was a little scary.

We were so high up.

A spot of lunch at The Fingle Bridge Inn went down a treat.

Just what we needed near to the end of our holiday.

Over Fingle Bridge we ventured.

A bit of a shock to come across stepping stones. I think I did well.

Dave obviously managed better than me 🙄.

The old hydro station was very interesting. It used to supply electricity to the house. The cables had to travel some distance.

The weir still supplies electricity today, to power the coffee shop.

This tree Stump gave me a bit of a fright. Wouldn’t want to come actoss that at dusk.

Over the suspension bridge to start our climb back to the beginning of our walk.

Should be used to steep climbs after this holiday.

A little rest on a bench just for Dave. He did let me share his bench.

Saw the wild ponies just to finish the walk off on a high.

Another lovely day and we couldn’t believe the weather again. We have been so lucky. Xx🐧xx