On way to our new site, Barley Meadow Touring site, we popped into House of Marbles. For a start it was free to enter. Wow. Once inside you are taken on a journey through childhood, if you played with marbles.

We looked around display cabinets full of marbles of all sorts. Old ones, new ones, some sparkling, some dull, large ones, small ones, pretty ones and amazing ones. There were other games that I used to play as a child and more that were much older than me.

You could go into the working area and watch men make glass ornaments.

He started with a blob of molten glass and twisted it and rubbed it with a thick cloth.

He then melted it again.

He pulled at it from all different directions and it started to take shape.

He then fires it and then put it in a fridge to cool. He made it look so easy. It was a swan. I wish they showed us how they made marbles.

There were marbles runs to play with. Kept Dave quiet for ages.

There was a very large shop where you could buy a variety of interesting gifts and an outside games area.

These marbles were priced at about £160. How on earth did they get those patterns inside.

The coffee shop had a very interesting display, all the animals were animated.

The largest marble run was high up on the wall and was so loud but such fun to play.

There were also displays of antique pottery, but the marble displays took my interest. I had to buy some, only small ones, unfortunately. Xx🐧xx